Woman comes back to Airbnb to find baboons downing her birthday booze

A birthday holiday was unexpectedly raided by some unlikely guests who made a massive mess while helping themselves to drink and snacks.

Esethu Zoe Williams was shocked when a pair of baboons crashed her birthday stay at at a holiday villa in Knysna, South Africa.

She filmed one of the cheeky monkeys as it leaped up on to the kitchen counter, causing her and her friends to shriek.

Seemingly unfazed by the human company or conventional manners, the baboon can be seen grabbing a bag of crisps, popping it and then flinging all the contents onto the floor.

Clearly unimpressed, the famously-fabulously-bottomed creature moves on to another packet and begins eating from that one instead.

According to Esethu, who posted about the dramatic monkey incident on Twitter, the baboons also helped themselves to some cognac.

“Baboons just came inside our house, ate our avocados we were making for breakfast and drank our Hennessy,” she posted alongside a video of one of the animals.

“It finished an entire glass and almost left with the empty glass.”

A separate video shows one of the baboons walking away from a glass of alcohol near the villa’s pool.

“We had mistakenly left the door open while making breakfast when two baboons entered. They ate eggs, avocado and bread before proceeding to pop the snacks,” Esethu told Storyful.

When the group managed to get the baboons outside the home, the animals continued partying there.

“We eventually got them out by screaming and charging towards it,” she added. “When they were outside, they drank the liquor that had been left there from the previous day.”

As is well known, monkeys have a reputation for cheeky behaviour.

A Peruvian model recently discovered this first hand when a after the primate tried to pull down her strapless top.

Paula Manzanal, who has a son with her ex-boyfriend British ‘Ex on the Beach’ star Jordan Davies, was left shocked at the monkey’s antics.

The moment at the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Bali, Indonesia was captured on video.

The 28-year-old posted the clip on social media where it has gone viral with 300,000 views and 135 comments.

The Peruvian model, who boasts 2.2 million Instagram fans and 2.1 million TikTok followers, said: “I only wanted it to not touch my…”